Student Housing Ithaca

401 Dryden Road

401 Dryden Road.
Conveniently located blocks away from campus. This property consists of three, 4 bedroom apartments and two 1 bedroom apartments as follows:
The third floor unit is 4 bedrooms, bath, kitchen and a huge living room with a very unique ceiling.
The second floor unit is a very spacious 4 bedroom unit, large kitchen, and living room and 2 bathrooms.
The first floor unit is made up of a merger of two 2 bedroom units which now give you 4 bedrooms, a very spacious living room, 2 bathrooms, and 2 complete kitchens.
The ground level consist of two single bedroom units, both with kitchen, living room and bath. One of these units has a huge bedroom which can easily accommodate 2 beds to anyone wishing to save some living expenses by sharing a bedroom.
Parking is available.  Click Image below to see Individual apartments

Image of rental unit at 401 Dryden Rd. Ithaca,
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